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Family Centered Cesarean for Birth Professionals

In this presentation, you will learn about the practice of Family Centered Cesarean, a new, exciting approach to Cesarean birth that fosters a gentler, more client focused birth experience for families who must undergo surgical birth. Jen will introduce you to the evidence-based underpinnings of the Family Centered Cesarean movement as well as discuss practical…

Vaginal Steams for Preconception and Postpartum

Learn about the ancient wisdom of vaginal steaming with Rosita Arvigo, DN, a naprapathic physician, herbalist, international lecturer, author and teacher of Maya medicine. Find out how vaginal steaming can be used to treat fertility challenges and prepare the womb for a baby, as well as how vaginal steaming can support women after giving birth….

Do’s and Don’ts for Doulas: Understanding Scope of Practice

with Debra Flashenberg When it comes to supporting women in labor, doulas have a very specific scope of practice. As professional doulas, it is important for us to remember which activities are appropriate for us to engage in with clients, and which are not. Prenatal yoga teacher, labor support doula and childbirth educator Debra Flashenberg…

Prenatal Yoga for Birth Workers & Yoga Teachers

This workshop is for birth workers and yoga professionals who wish to support women in their self empowerment during the sacred season of pregnancy.  Embodied Wisdom is the intuition that we feel within our bodies, and this can be accessed using prenatal yoga sequences designed to heighten body awareness and open the chakras connected to…

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