Do’s and Don’ts for Doulas: Understanding Scope of Practice

with Debra Flashenberg

When it comes to supporting women in labor, doulas have a very specific scope of practice. As professional doulas, it is important for us to remember which activities are appropriate for us to engage in with clients, and which are not. Prenatal yoga teacher, labor support doula and childbirth educator Debra Flashenberg has attended over 100 births, and has a tremendous respect and admiration for how a trained doula can support a laboring woman.

In this webinar, Debra shares how we can use good judgement to ensure that we create a positive discourse with other care providers, and ensure that the value of doulas continues to be respected. Debra will review the “Do’s and Don’ts” of the doula, outlining exactly what falls within the doula’s scope of practice, provides examples of when a doula is stepping beyond her role, and gives ideas for how to tactfully hold those boundaries. Debra will also highlight the amazing contributions a doula brings to the birth room.