What Does The Cost Of Childbirth In The USA Consist Of?

What Does The Cost Of Childbirth In The USA Consist OfSpeaking about how much it costs to give birth in the USA, you need to understand that this price has two main components:

  • firstly, it is a medical service for monitoring the last weeks of pregnancy, giving birth and postpartum observation by a doctor.
  • secondly, these are all expenses associated with living in the United States. Here, as a rule, you should count on least 3 months: one and a half before childbirth and the same after.

Accordingly, these costs will include: flight, rental housing, food, utilities, household, travel and other services, transport and communications, paperwork for obtaining American citizenship and a number of others.

As a rule, the actual medical expenses in the total cost of a three-month residence in America are from 30% to 50% due to the relatively high cost of this service in comparison with European countries. According to the International Federation of Insurance Medicine (iFHP), routine childbirth in the United States is 40% more expensive than in Switzerland, with most of the cost in 2 days of hospitalization after childbirth.

Thus, according to a study by Truven Health Analytics, the total cost of stay, research, medicines and procedures for a baby and mother during this time can be up to 83% of the total amount spent on medical care for all 9 months of pregnancy.

This is largely explained by the specifics of insurance medicine, when both the patient and the hospital staff are interested in the maximum number of services provided, which will be paid for by the insurance company. In the case of direct payment, many unnecessary procedures and studies can be abandoned and thereby significantly reduced the final bill. The obstetricians work with will help you determine which pre-natal and post-natal care services are truly appropriate for your particular situation.

In addition, if we compare how much it costs to give birth in America in a broad sense, that is, to calculate the cost of living for three or more months and compare them with the same costs of living in Europe and Switzerland, then there will be many opportunities to save money in the United States.

This applies to almost all basic costs, from renting a house and a car to spending daily on food, baby products and travel. Therefore, given the comparable quality of the “package offer” for childbirth in Europe or the United States, the total cost of a family in both cases may turn out to be practically the same. Thus, the exclusive US citizenship bonus will become essentially free.

Prices for childbirth in America

In Mississippi, the average cost of a hospital birth is $12,413. Some of the expenses may be covered with online payday loans Mississippi. Following the links, you will get more details about payday loans in Olive Branch MS, payday loan Pascagoula MS. It provides the access to the information collected about lending options in this state. Beides, the information is presented for free and should be used in informative purposes only.

According to the Deluxe Childbirth Service, Miami ranks 9th out of the 15 most visited cities in the United States in terms of the average cost of this medical service. The most inexpensive city on this list was the capital of Arizona Phoenix – $5,060, and the most expensive – Maryland with $10,200, New York with $9,000 and New Jersey with $7,650.

The average cost of childbirth in Miami is $7,150. At the same time, depending on the hospital, the amount can differ significantly in both directions, but the minimum bill for natural childbirth will be from $3,000, for a cesarean section and an additional day of stay, you will have to pay $4,500, epidural anesthesia costs from $650 to $1,200.