About Us

Yes We Can!


Birth Institute is a private occupational school that promotes leadership in maternal and newborn health. Our mission is to lead global innovation in health education.


We believe that every mother and newborn deserves access to high-quality, compassionate care. Our goal is to train midwives, doulas and birth advocates to become competent leaders that advocate for family-centered care with an emphasis on complementary and alternative medicine.


Through rigorous academics, meaningful community involvement and active self-reflection, Birth Institute students gain an understanding of themselves and their professional fields, ensuring that the next generation of women’s health professionals are equipped with the vision and tools required to transform the state of healthcare for childbearing women and families worldwide.

Our Team


The Birth Institute team is dedicated to advancement and professionalism in the fields of women’s health and alternative medicine. We are committed to personal integrity, community leadership, global perspectives and quality care for childbearing women everywhere, and we infuse these values into every aspect of our organization. We honor each other and our students as individuals, and we strive to meet each person’s unique needs.