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We understand that, as a student or a birth professional, your life is busy… but we also know that your passion drives you to keep learning more. That’s why we’ve made Birth Institute online courses available à la carte! Now you can continue your education in holistic health, birth, and leadership from anywhere… at your own pace.

Upcoming Online Courses

Spiritual Midwifery (CAM 0901)

July 28 – October 5, 2014 (4 credits)

This course examines the spiritual and historical roots of midwifery across different world regions and cultures. Students will analyze feminine power, cycles of life and death, wisdom and intuition throughout history and consider how individual attitudes and beliefs about women and childbirth inform societal attitudes and beliefs about midwifery.

May 22, 2014

Well Woman Care (MWS 1201)

July 28 – October 5, 2014 (4 credits)

This course explores the basic health of women across the lifespan.. Topics covered include: the normal reproductive cycle, dysfunctions of menstruation, contraception and sexually transmitted infections. Also included is information about mental and emotional aspects of women’s wellness and health.

May 22, 2014

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