Planning Family and Labor

According to the WHO definition, the concept of family planning refers to actions aimed at ensuring the control of the reproductive function of a married couple for the birth of healthy and wanted children. Especially the principles of family planning are supported by people belonging to the ideological direction of childfree which means “free from children.”Family Planning

What is Family Planning?

Family planning represents a complex of medical, social and legal actions. Their goal is to give birth to healthy children, eliminate unwanted pregnancies, and regulate the time between births. The family planning program consists of preparing for a planned pregnancy, a complete examination and treatment of infertile couples, the choice of contraceptives and the termination of an unwanted pregnancy.

When planning a family, the age of a woman is important. Women who gave birth earlier than 20 years are at risk of developing complications during pregnancy and childbirth. And for women who give birth after 35 years, the risk of developing genetic diseases increases, among them Down’s syndrome is the most common.

The development and implementation of a family planning program reduce maternal mortality caused by induced abortions. Termination of pregnancy by artificial abortion in most cases causes terrible and severe harm to women’s health. Newborn health and infant mortality are linked with the age of the mother and the interval between births. The mortality rate of newborns who were born one year after the first birth is several times higher than with an interval of 2 years or more. The issue of contraception is one of the main when planning a family. Contraception is a protection against unwanted pregnancy of women of reproductive age.

There are several methods of contraception:

It is not so easy to choose a method of contraception, taking into account the age of a woman, especially her sexual life, the presence of gynecological diseases. A woman should undergo a profound medical examination. A doctor will estimate the health condition before prescribing any means of contraception.