Pamela McColl

Pamela McColl is a doula, tobacco prevention activist, author and publisher. In 2012, she published the first smoke-free edition of the famous poem “Twas The Night Before Christmas” to generate more discussion and awareness of the cultural influences that impact young children and their future use of tobacco products. The publication won seven book awards including four Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, a Moonbeam, a gold for Mom’s Choice Awards and a Global International Ebook Award. Working on Baby and Me Tobacco Free brought Pamela’s experience as a labor support doula and prenatal yoga to the discussion of tobacco cessation. The Canadian has been featured in major media in her country, including Maclean’s magazine, CBC Radio, and National Canada AM-TV.

Pamela continues to promote the need for greater prevention, education and assistance to those who find themselves wanting to stop the use of tobacco products.

Pamela’s Work:

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