Sacred Cesarean: A New Vision in Birth Healing

For many women, the thought of their birth experience resulting in a cesarean section may be terrifying or disappointing, but it doesn’t have to be. In today’s world, births through cesarean sections are part and parcel to a ever-more medicalized system, but there is more we can do than simply avoid this surgical process. Whether a cesarean section is a choice or a life-saving necessity,women can choose to evolve their relationship to the experience such that it becomes positive and transformational, thus, a sacred cesarean.

A cesarean birth can be positive, soul-healing and transformational. The foundation of a sacred cesarean is self trust and feeling deeply rooted in the faith of spirituality. A sacred cesarean means birthing with positivity and kindness, no matter the path birth takes.  It contains the secrets to changing birth around the planet, from the inside out.

The excess of disempowering cesarean births that are riddled with fear is the fuel shifting cesarean births into a courageous healing process for women around the world.  This will require a release of blame and victimization in order to understand the reasons and accept healing on a larger scale.

A sacred cesarean is a new philosophy that brings forth individual and mass awareness.  Individually, it is a private experience that has a large impact for all of humanity.  A sacred cesarean begins with the mother; it is how she meets this kind of surgical birth in a conscious and loving way.  Accessing the courage to create a cesarean birth of awareness and empowerment takes certain steps.  First, a mother must be in her feminine power, understanding and welcoming this truth into her consciousness.  Second, she must expand into her heart and embody it.  Third, she must reach into the depths of her psyche, finding her genuine spiritual mind to work with her feelings and experience.  Last, she must know what it means to redefine cesarean birth.  She must go into those places of the unknown to accelerate what this means for her on her life journey.

The sacred cesarean is created before birth, sometimes during birth and other times after birth.  It comes to a mother in different ways.  It is her private journey to discover what it means for her.  A planned cesarean supports mother and baby by creating a space of self-awareness, exploration, readiness, preparation and planning.  However, not every mother has that option; some prepare for a vaginal birth, but end with an emergency cesarean for many reasons.  Yet sometimes, the sacred comes in that moment while experiencing a cesarean.  It involves the mother being able to deeply go inward and stay centered with her heart even in her fears.  It is a mother making peace with her body of earth and connecting with her spiritual heart.  Other times the sacred arrives after a cesarean, coming only after time to reflect and discover meaningful healing.

A sacred cesarean can offer a trauma-free birth, but this can only come through awareness in pregnancy and exploration of the self before and after birth.  What about emergency cesarean birth?  An emergency cesarean may not feel very sacred and connective.  Many cesarean births are loaded with trauma, feelings of disconnect and pain that can leave a mother with a difficult recovery.  After the experience of a traumatic and disempowering cesarean birth a mother must rest to recover, bond with her baby and begin the path towards healing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Rebuilding after birth trauma offers much learning about the self, and the discovery of sacred lands of the woman, if open to receive the insight.

Combining sacred with cesarean is meant to offer healing on many levels of ones birthing experience.  The many possibilities in creating this kind of aware and loving birth is available to every woman and is a deep process that will change how women birth and how babies are born.

One way of cultivating the planned and unplanned cesarean birth is to go into the deeper hollows of the sacred.  Birth has always been a multidimensional expansion of soul in form that lives in mystery while producing the most sacred gift…life.  After all, each birth is sacred, because with the birth of a life, a mother is reborn within herself.  The sacred cesarean is about taking responsibility for the feminine energy, being empowered with a new light, feeling the spiritual center of being and uniting body and mind for healing. The sacred lives in us all, we must come together to hold a kind and compassionate vision of birth within the cesarean.  Mothers can no longer continue to not be bright and amazing beings of world change.  Let’s allow this reality to become the truth for global awareness for empowered actions and love embodied.

Kelly Meehan, MA (Birth Healing Therapist, Teacher, and Healer) is a trained MFT with MA in clinical psychology with a specialization in Somatic Psychology. She works with the spiritual and psychological for healing change for women in conception all the way to motherhood.  For free guides about Spiritual Cesarean Ceremony and Sacred Cesarean Birth: A Planned Entrance into the World, please visit