The Ancient Wisdom of Parenthood

Through the processes of preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a human being, ancient wisdom is expressed through the parents at every moment. In this piece, Breatharian couple Camila and Akahi Salas  describe parenthood as a sacred gift that shapes not only a child’s life, but the life of the parents, and the future of humanity. The two explore how these encounters allow parents to attune to the timeless wisdom that spans generations borders.
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Camila: To bring a child into the world is like giving your blessings to all of life. It is impossible to comprehend the immense learning and gifts this blessing will bring, fostering the space for us to discover wisdom held deep within our souls to serve as guidance for ourselves as parents, for our children, our families, and humanity as a whole. When we take the great leap into the unknown of parenthood we have the unique opportunity to leave behind the past and step wholeheartedly into the present, where our children reside. In this encounter there occurs a fusion of information, a collision of wisdom that knows no time. Spanning beyond generations, beyond borders, beyond cultures and religions, there is a parental language that unifies our consciousness through actions. Our words resonate, while our actions create a ripple effect, sending messages into the timeless space and influencing the development of life.

These actions are the blessing that shapes humanity and the existence in general. Each time we access this awareness that our children are the legacy of the specific wisdom channeled through us, we become more conscious of the message sent. Conduits of an intelligence that co-creates, extracting the essence of the most pure carrier of this intelligence, we breathe. In the breath we encounter this perfectly abstract combination of the present ~ this relationship with our children that centers us into a stable wave of vibratory information, translating the silence of the breath into Life. Each being is a perfect drop of Amrita, life nectar, that attracts more and more of the same essence developing into an intricate network of ever multiplying and self sustaining cells. Each cell breathes this same Universal breath and pulsates in the rhythm of this timeless wisdom.

As we adopt this new path of parenthood we understand that it means not only to be “parents” to our children, but also parents to ourselves, learning new ways to be in better contact with who we are, with our strengths, and our nature. The present connects us automatically with the breath which is the most pure contact with the Prana~Life Source~God that we have access to. It intermixes the many facets of life and how we receive it, giving us the perfect ingredient to consciously care for this sweet human forming essence, these beings who have so wisely chosen us for their parents to unveil even more of this timeless, ancient wisdom, generationally bringing our perception of life and existence to new levels for an ever evolving humankind.

Conscious parenthood assists in our unleashing infinite possibilities in our relationship with life through this timeless wisdom. We attune to our capacity to crystalize the reproductive system, making the womb a place of authentic intelligence and receptor to new life, free and with pure and loving information. The formation of the bodies of these babies is beyond compare, as they receive their physical information through a placenta that is also crystalized in the essence of pure consciousness. There exists no fear or insecurity in a woman’s capacity to be a birth conduit, only confidence in the perfection of the present and the experiences and lessons we should receive to expand the perspective of the new generations, imprinting the expression of the ancient wisdom within.

Akahi: The inner ancestral wisdom is available to us all of the time. The wisdom of our Being* carries the essence of our spiritual development through the physical life, during all of our years and reincarnations, polishing ourselves like diamonds. Our lives are purified thanks to the constant flow of new information that occurs in every breath. When we surrender in the enjoyment of the breath without the necessity of any technique or discipline, but rather by feeling the chest expand and contract we ‘re able to contemplate the air that enters and exits and we come to a point in which the mind quiets.

Through this state of inner silence we recognize ourselves as beings of energy, beings of divine creation. Through this revelation we are accessing the ancient wisdom within, the timeless wisdom, our own recognition as a being of energy and light* This wisdom brings us to the understanding of our physical cells as an extension of our energy, forming our body, discovering the perfection of our body. From here the perspectives and possibilities are infinite. The inner wisdom also makes us discover ourselves as beings of information and light, capable of choosing to give ourselves the best of the information in order to live in integral harmony in body, mind, emotions, and soul. This is just one way of expressing the ancient wisdom within and each of us has our own way of living this.

In the process of preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a human being this ancient wisdom or inner intelligence is in expression every moment. From the fertilization of the egg, the formation of the baby and the forming of their systems and organs they are a divine masterpiece of pure intelligence and wisdom. At the same time the mother lives profound physical changes that are the perfect compliment to this co-creation of life, getting to the point in which this wisdom has prepared by itself the baby and mother for the birth, which, with confidence and her permission, will also be perfect. All of life is being generated from this ancient wisdom within that is the result of the code, or blueprint of life.

In this very moment we are all the result of our ancestral and present wisdom infused and we are here to bring this expression to new levels, learning from new experiences and this way refining our intelligent message to life, in order to create more wisely for the benefit of all.

Akahi and Camila Salas are parents and Pranic Breatharian teachers, who have been sharing processes of conscious evolution for over 15 years. Their work has involved children for the past nine years in projects in different countries throughout South America, specifically in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. These projects have always been focused on artistic education leading towards the discovery and development of the talents and gifts unique to each being. Both professional artists, practitioners of natural and ceremonial medicine, having for many years experimented with vegan and raw foods diets, in 2008 they underwent the spiritual initiation of the 21 Day Fast, a process to callibrate their bodies to the capacity to live from Light.